Nelson City Taxis 8 Top Tips for Safe Driving Over Christmas

  • NCT Driver

With the Christmas and School Holidays now upon us, here are a few of our tips to keep you and your family safe these holidays.

  • Avoid alcohol. If you are planning on drinking then organise a sober driver or get a taxi (Nelson City Taxis). If you think you might be tempted to jump behind the wheel after a few to many it might pay to taxi to the event to remove any temptation.
  • Be courteous to other road users. Most people understand that if you are towing a caravan or boat you are restricted 90km/h and often that speed is too fast. If you are towing or driving slow, keep an eye in your side and rear vision mirrors for traffic building up and look for opportunities to pull to the shoulder and let people pass.
  • Don't text and drive. Taking your eyes off the road for a quick 20 seconds might seem harmful but it highly increases your chances of an accident. Give the road your full concentration.
  • Get your vehicle checked. Just because it passed it's last WOF doesn't mean your vehicle is safe. Check your vehicles oil, water and tyre pressure levels before you set off on any long journeys.
  • Take care overtaking. Ensure you will have 100 metres of clear road ahead of you once you have finished passing. Keep a reasonable distance from the vehicle you wish to overtake so you can accelerate before overtaking.
  • Pay attention to your high and low beam. Dip your headlights as soon as you see an oncoming vehicle.
  • Avoid fatigue. Get a good rest the night before, take breaks and share the driving.
  • Drive to the conditions. It's not always safe to drive at the speed limit. If there has been rain after a long fine patch roads often become slippery with oil deposits that have built up. Wind gusts can make your vehicle less stable and bright sun can reduce your vision, especially when the sun is lower in the sky.

Stay Road Safe at Christmas

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