Nelson City Taxi Affiliations

The Nelson City Taxi Society is a member of the nationwide Blue Bubble group, who offer superior taxi services and standards throughout New Zealand. Blue Bubble, New Zealand’s largest taxi group, provides nationwide quality assurance and has a strong local feel in each city they operate in.

The Nelson City Taxi Society is a member of the New Zealand Taxi Federation (NZTF) and is the only affiliated Approved Taxi Organisation (ATO) in the Nelson region. The Society is a Taxi Charge partner – the only partner in Nelson – offering a dedicated national charging solution for taxi travel, via the use of vouchers and cards, providing flexible reporting & consolidated invoicing.

The Nelson City Taxi Society also participates in the promotion of Nelson as a destination, through memberships with Nelson Convention Bureau, Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce and Nelson Tasman Tourism.

Nelson City Taxis utilise a computerised GP dispatch system and is a bureau of the Wellington Combined network in Wellington.  This enables customers to be served by the closest vehicle. The network offers comprehensive communication facilities, advanced dispatching practice, improved safety and confidentiality for customers and drivers - plus 24 hour backup facilities.

Our entire fleet is equipped with Eftpos electronic terminals for simple processing of TaxiCharge, Credit and Eftpos cards.

Nelson Blue Bubble Taxis Blue Bubble Taxis 


TaxiCharge New Zealand Ltd

TaxiCharge NZ Ltd at Nelson City TaxisAddress: Private Bag 99931, Newmarket, Auckland
Phone: 09 306 1790
Fax: 09 306 1619

NZ Taxi Federation Inc at Nelson City TaxisNew Zealand Taxi Federation Inc.

Address: P.O.Box 1778, Wellington
Phone: 04 499 0611
Fax: 04 4712 64

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