Lost Property FAQ

  • Sarah Edgley

Here in the Administration office and at the call centre, we get a number of calls (particularly on Sunday mornings) about lost property. Items that may have been left behind in one of our taxis.

What you need to know:

  • generally, the drivers don't hold on to lost property for more than 24 hours, we encourage them to take it to the police.
  • if it is a phone, try calling the number the next day around the same time that you took the taxi - our drivers work on a roster, so if they were working at night, it is unlikely that they will be back in their taxi before the next evening.
  • If you know who your driver is, or their taxi number, that makes a massive difference as to whether I can help you if you call me about lost property. However, we have six drivers whose name is a variant of Graham in our fleet, so their first name isn't always helpful. You can look on the dash of the vehicle for a Fare Schedule and the number of the taxi that you are in will be to your right in the bottom corner.
  • I will only hold lost property in the office if I have made contact with you, otherwise it will be going to the police by the end of the week.

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