ihail App launches with Nelson City Taxi’s

  • NCT Driver

Autumn 2018 saw the partnering and launch of the ihail app with Nelson City Taxi’s. Exclusive to Blue Bubble Taxi’s the app allows passengers to book the nearest taxi and pay for fares without even opening their wallet.

The app with connects you to all the available taxi’s in your area through GPS, the closest vehicle to your pick up point will then pick you up. Ihail offers quick, reliable, hassle- free service so you can hail a taxi anywhere, anytime. The app is free to download, so no extra charges apply to passengers.

The App Features:

  • Blue Bubble - Access to New Zealand's largest Taxi Fleet
  • Location – see all taxis in your area and the estimated time of arrival.
  • Pickup now or later - Arrange to be picked-up now or schedule for a later date and time.
  • Driver tracking - Track your taxi on its way to you.
  • Driver rating - Rate your driver once you have got to your destination.
  • Queue jump – Skip the queue for fee and get priority pickup
  • Fare estimates – Know what you are paying before you book your ride
  • Available on iOS and Android.

Download the app today to create your account or visit http://ihail.nz/ for more information.

Nelson City Taxi’s are proud to be a partner of ihail.


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