Farewell to Peter Combes After 43 Years Service

  • Sarah Edgley

Peter Combes Retires after 43 Years!

Pete in the 90s 

A picture from our archives of Pete back in the 90's

This year sees the departure of an owner/driver that has been with Nelson City Taxi Society Ltd for 43 years – our longest serving Society member yet! He first purchased a share in 1971 and has been a member of the society ever since. We had our AGM recently and we took the opportunity to give Peter a proper send off.

Roger Heale from the New Zealand Taxi Federation said that Peter had been driving for longer than he had been alive.

He has a wealth of knowledge about Nelson Taxis and he has probably forgotten more about the Society than the rest of us will ever know.

peter & the chairman of NCT

The Chairman of Nelson City Taxis presenting Pete with a farewell gift from the Society

He has been with the Society through many changes and updates, vehicle changes, uniform changes and the change from our blue and red logo to our current Blue Bubble logo.

He is planning on making the most of his retirement, and has told us that he is going to travel around New Zealand in his campervan.

On behalf of the Nelson City Taxi Society, we would like to say goodbye and wish him the best of luck!


pete & breffini boquet 

Pete getting presented with a Breffini Boquet outside our office

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